Choose IPL for longer lasting hair removal (2)

Posted on 18 Feb, 2012

• Electrolysis is great for tiny areas of skin: the hair removal is permanent and the treatment is safe if it is carried out by a practitioner who is qualified and experienced. There is a major drawback with electrolysis, however. This type of treatment targets just one hair at a time, meaning that a treatment session can be very lengthy and costly, with numerous sessions needed to fully treat a problem area.

• IPL offers the best of both worlds: long-term hair reduction combined with rapid treatment time. Sixty minutes is generally all that’s needed to remove the unwanted hair on legs or on the back. Once the treatment has taken place, the hairs fall out of their own accord, usually about two weeks after the session.

Unlike with waxing, the hair growth cycle is interrupted and no replacement hair grows. The treatment is also highly targeted, using the greater concentration of melanin contained in the hair to absorb the energy emitted by IPL. This means that the surrounding skin is safe and unaffected by the pulses of intense light, although people do generally report some minor discomfort.

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