Laser acne treatment is an effective method that can help many people to clear their acne. Every year, thousand of people buy endless different types of medications to try and improve the appearance of acne, often with little success. However, laser treatment is one of the most successful forms of acne treatment, and can make a large difference to the appearance of the skin.

How laser acne treatment works

During the procedure, powerful lasers are directed onto the acne. Acne is most commonly caused by the over production of oils in the skin. The best part about laser acne treatment is that it is relatively painless. Once the glands stop producing oil the bacteria which causes acne will not be present.

Lasers are also used to treat old acne scars by removing the top layers of the skin. After removing the old skin, new skin grows, which will be healthier and clearer.

Laser acne treatment is often categorised into two different types – ablative / resurfacing and non-ablative laser treatment.

Laser acne treatment is one of the most reliable methods of fading and removing acne and its scars.