When you suffer from active acne and oily skin, it can be tempting to go for those cleansers that make promises about reducing excess sebum and deep-cleaning blocked pores. Unfortunately, many of the products that are designed to tackle acne are simply too harsh for the skin.

They can strip the skin of its natural moisture and sebum, stimulating the production of yet more sebum, resulting in yet more blocked pores. If the skin loses too much moisture it can become dehydrated and start to peel away. These harsh products can irritate your fragile skin and make it look and feel worse.

Rather than taking an aggressive approach to your skincare regime, try to treat your skin as gently as possible. In its fragile state it will be more prone to inflammation and irritation, so go for a gentle cleanser that has been designed to effectively clean delicate skin.

Try to touch the affected skin as little as possible to avoid transferring bacteria, and dab and pat rather than wiping or pulling the skin. It goes without saying that squeezing and picking can only make the situation worse!