It may feel like a hopeless challenge when it comes to managing acne, with most individuals going through numerous different drugs without ever having the right one for them. This can be very disheartening, of course, but the way to fix this is to try and get to the source of the issue first. If you understand the cause of your facial acne, discovering the proper medication and skin care for it will be much simpler, especially when you seek clinical advice from skin experts. Our staff will be able to help you on the right therapy and skin care solutions for you with decades of experience.

Popular Acne Triggers

Hormones, whether during puberty or as a consequence of a hormonal deficiency or the use of contraception later in life, are one of the most prevalent causes of acne at every era. For women, hormonal acne may be a serious knock on their confidence, posing cysts around the face, and even the body, as hideous and often painful.


Stress, a frequent culprit for many skin disorders, may also cause an acne flare-up, most likely due to increased development of the cortisol stress hormone. Although acne is not triggered by a stressful day itself, evidence shows that persistent stress and the cortisol it generates will build the ideal atmosphere for the development of bacterial acne.

Environmental Factors

Certain environmental factors may have a major effect on your skin, such as pollution. Your skin is exposed to environmental influences every day from inner-city air quality to UV radiation, which can have a harmful effect. Although the connection between ozone and acne is still not well known by medical professionals, it is clear to see that clogged pores and the grime of city air will not do your skin any favours.


Not all ingredients cause acne, but because of their lifestyle preferences, some people can suffer acne flare-up and acne. Milk, chocolate, coffee, and fried foods are typically the most common culprits for this. While the verdict is still out on a definitive connection between the two, research shows that by using an elimination diet, sufferers have experienced and changed.

Certain health issues

Unfortunately, in certain instances, acne is merely the symptom of a very separate health problem. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) sufferers, for instance, suffer from hormonal acne in almost all instances. Other health problems that commonly exacerbate acne include those that require such drugs to be controlled. In these cases, acne, like androgens, corticosteroids, and lithium, is the drug rather than the disorder that causes it.

Wearing a Mask

Wearing a mask has become the new normal for millions of people around the world this year. While this is vital for protecting our own health and the health of those around us, an unfortunate side effect is the so-called “maskne” that this can cause. This is because masks create the perfect breeding ground for facial acne causing bacteria as they are occlusive and allow for moisture to build up. As a result of this, people are experiencing acne-like breakouts even if they had clear skin beforehand.