Common myths about the causes of acne

Posted on 04 Feb, 2010

Acne is one of the most common complaints, affecting hundreds of thousands of people in every corner of the globe. Acne can be treated effectively by lasers. There is no one particular reason why a person may develop acne, but it usually has to do with excess oil in the skin. There are some myths surrounding the causes of acne which are discussed below.


Only the severest cases of acne are known to be a heredity problem. You can rarely predict whether you will escape acne or not by examining the experience of your parents or grandparents.


Many people think that acne is caused due to excess dirt and sweat on the skin. However, blackheads are actually oxidised oil and not dirt. Neither does sweat cause acne, although it is recommended to cleanse daily to prevent an exacerbation of your acne.


Certain foods are often blamed for causing acne, but it is not proven that this is the case. A healthy diet is good for the skin and if you notice breakouts after eating particular foods then it is wise to avoid them, but there is no definitive connection between food and acne.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the best way to ensure that your skin is in as good condition as it can be. Unfortunately, acne may affect you regardless of the measures you take, in which case it is worth looking into laser acne treatment.