Rosacea is a skin condition which affects a surprisingly large number of people. Its key characteristics include redness and flushing, and occasionally even pimples, of the skin on the face.

Rosacea triggers

Medical professionals believe that there are certain triggers which can set off rosacea and make it flare up worse than usual in sufferers. Common triggers of rosacea These include:

• Emotional stress
• Exposure to the sun
• Hot weather and humidity
• Spicy food
• Consumption of alcohol
• Heavy exercise
• Hot baths and showers
• Wind and cold weather
• Some skincare products and cosmetics
• Hot drinks
• Certain medications and medical conditions

Are you tired of living with rosacea?

Rosacea is generally believed to be completely harmless unless it starts to affect the eyes. However, for people who have it, rosacea can be very difficult to live with.

There is now a treatment available that can clear up rosacea, giving sufferers long term relief from the occasionally embarrassing and confidence-sapping symptoms of rosacea. The method to try is laser treatment, which is used to heat up and break down the blood vessels which cause the redness and flushing that is typical of the condition.