Choosing makeup can be difficult, as it is difficult to predict the effect it can have on the skin. Remember that natural, simple products may prove to be better tolerated by the skin. The more ingredients contained in the products, the more likely one of them will prove to be an irritant to your fragile complexion.

We often think of rosacea as mainly affecting the skin, but it can also make your eyes particularly sensitive. Treat your eyes and the delicate skin around them with great care. Any products used should be perfume-free, tested by ophthalmologists and hypoallergenic. Rosacea sufferers often find that mineral products are less likely to irritate the skin.

Eye make up also needs to be easy to remove. Some can be washed off with just warm water, which of course reduces the exposure to potential irritants, although there are some eye make up removers designed to be used on very sensitive skin that may not cause problems.

Remember, too, that the stronger the colour of eye make up, the more pigments are used in the production process. Higher concentrations of pigmentations are more likely to trigger or worsen any symptoms.
If your rosacea is becoming more and more difficult to manage and conceal, laser rosacea treatment can provide effective relief from symptoms.