Contemplating about laser tattoo removal

Posted on 04 Nov, 2010

There are a number of things that people regret doing in their life. While some of them can be corrected without any efforts, there are others that need attention and medical procedures. Tattoos and other forms of body art are some of the common things that people regret in the future.

Tattoos are popular among teenagers because it makes them feel socially accepted. Little do they realise that, while this body art may be attractive, but as they age the tattoo begins to appear unpleasant.

Opt for laser tattoo removal and get rid of that unwanted body art

Fortunately, with the advent of laser tattoo removal, you can get rid of unwanted tattoos. Laser tattoo removal is one of the latest medical procedures, which uses cutting edge technologies to get rid of body art. While laser tattoo removal is an effective way to get rid of tattoos, it is important to understand that it can take a while for it to disappear completely. This is mainly because laser tattoo removal depends on the factors mentioned below.

Tattoo age

Tattoos tend to fade with time and hence it is easier to remove an older tattoo. On the other hand, newer tattoos are etched deep within the skin and might take more than 5-6 sittings for it to be broken down completely.

Ink colour

The black ink can be broken down easily as compared to red, green or blue colours. Also, shaded tattoos are easier to remove than those filled with thick ink

Tattoo size

The size of your tattoo plays an important role in determining the number of sittings it will take for the tattoo removal treatment to be effective.

Laser tattoo removal is known to provide good results irrespective of whether it takes a few weeks or even months to get it off.