Could laser hair removal improve your athletic performance?

Posted on 22 Jul, 2011

Most people choose laser hair removal for cosmetic reasons, to remove excess or unwanted hair from visible areas on the skin (i.e. the face). Others use it as a way to make their lives easier, so that they no longer have to waste time, money and energy on their usual hair removal routine.

For some people, however, hair removal can have other benefits. Athletes and those involved in certain kinds of physical activities find that without excess hair on their bodies, their performance can improve.

Body hair creates unnecessary resistance, in the air for cyclists and runners and in the water for swimmers. This is why it can help to be more streamlined, to move through the air or the water more easily.

Athletes will do anything they can to shave a few seconds off the time it takes to complete a race, and getting rid of excess hair can make a big difference. It makes no sense to waste valuable training time on hair removal, which is why laser treatment has become such a popular option for athletes.

A permanent solution that can be completed in just a few weeks, laser hair removal treatment leaves athletes with more time to concentrate on improving their performance.