David Beckham recently tattooed the name of his daughter in order to commemorate her birth, and now he has added yet another to his already impressive collection of body art. He has had the word ‘Love’ tattooed onto the back of his left hand, bringing the number of tattoos that stretch down both arms and across his back, chest and neck to more than twenty!

He is reported as saying that having a new tattoo tends to be a spontaneous decision rather than a carefully-considered one, and while he tends to choose designs that represent religious themes or people he holds dear, this is a rather risky way to approach tattoos.

Unfortunately for most people, tattoos chosen on the spur of the moment can often end up being a source of regret and embarrassment. And once the tattoo has been completed, the tattoo removal options available are limited.

Some choose to have their tattoo covered by another, although this usually involves choosing an even bigger design to cover the first, and results can be mixed. Others try tattoo removal creams, although, again, these do not always produce great results.

Laser tattoo removal can work very well, causing the ink particles to disintegrate so the body can absorb them. Treatments are accumulative and can cause some minor discomfort to the skin, but are the most effective way to deal with unwanted tattoos.