Dealing with thread veins

Posted on 14 Oct, 2011

Thread veins can affect anyone, and as the previous article showed, there are certain factors that can make someone more likely to develop them.

If you start to develop thread veins and want to try and limit the risk of more appearing, then try some of the following actions:

• Wear sun cream or sunblock to protect your skin from damage from the sun’s rays.

• Don’t stay immobile for long periods of time, and try not to cross your legs if sitting down. You should try to move around regularly.

• Exercise on a regular basis, and try and include running and walking to strengthen your legs.

• If you can elevate your legs when resting, do. This will reduce the pressure put on the blood vessels in your legs.

Once thread veins have formed, you can either try to camouflage them or opt for thread vein removal. Good concealers can hide thread veins on the face and the body, although, of course this is a temporary measure that needs to be repeated.

Laser thread vein removal uses pulses of light to denature the cells that line the walls of the dilated blood vessels. Once this has taken place, the vessel will no longer take any blood and will eventually be reabsorbed by the body, disappearing from view.