The introduction of newer treatment options is real blessing for people affected by skin conditions. Before laser treatment became available, stretch marks were on of many skin complaints that appeared to have no form of therapy. Some people also choose to use creams as a way of combating stretch mark scarring.

Stretch mark removal creams

These creams are safe to use and do not cause any side-effects. However, they rarely have an effect on scars and are more of a preventative measure.

Laser stretch mark removal

This is the most popular method when it comes to eliminating stretch marks. As the name suggests, this method works with the help of a laser. The laser is directed at the skin with the aim of breaking down the scar tissue.

The laser corrects the skin’s natural synthesis of collagen. This is the reason it is so successful, as new layers of skin replace the damaged cells removed by the laser. Stretch mark creams cannot compete on this level, rather they allow the skin to remain supple enough to avoid stretch marks occurring initially. Moreover, the laser method is painless and does not cause adverse side-effects.

Remove existing stretch marks and prevent future scarring with a balance of stretch mark treatment.