Different types of acne treatment

Posted on 09 Feb, 2010

Acne is a common problem which can affect people of all ages. However, several medicines, home remedies and therapies are now available for the treatment of the condition. The vast number of options can be confusing, although understanding the features of some of the different methods of treatment can help in the decision making process.

Acne can be treated with medicines- accutane is one commonly used medicine that can effectively treat acne. However, accutane is strong and can cause side effects. Besides accutane, salicylic acid is also used in a mild form in many cleansers and facial washes. Salicyclic acid is effective in removing dirt and oil, and cleans bacteria from the pores.

Although facial washes are ideal for milder forms of acne, they are not very effective on severe acne. However, modern technology has meant that laser acne treatment is now the treatment of choice for many people.

Laser acne treatment prevents acne from reoccurring, and can also treat the appearance of old scars. Laser treatment is not known to cause any major side effects, and it is also a relatively painless procedure.

When carried out by a reputable clinic, laser acne treatment can produce some fantastic results.