While performing laser hair removal treatment, a machine is used that emits one wavelength of intense light. This laser light targets hair follicles which ultimately help to get rid of unwanted hair on the body.

In the process, a pulse of energy is sent through the laser hand piece. The laser light involves heat which helps in stopping the hair follicle to grow again. A cooling system is used to protect the skin which can be in the form of a gel or spray.

There are number of methods which are used for laser hair removal treatment.

Ruby laser – This is one of the oldest types of hair removal laser and it is perfect for light and fine hair. It is not ideal for dark or tanned skin however. This type of laser is also only useful for small areas.

Alexandrite laser – This is one of the fastest lasers and it is perfect to treat large body areas and patients with a light complexion. This laser is one of the most widely used lasers for removing unwanted hair.

Diode laser – This laser is mostly used on people with darker skin and it is less effective on lighter skin. Diode lasers are also faster and can cover larger body areas.

Nd:Yag laser – This is also known as a long pulse laser which can be safely used on all kinds of skin. This laser is very effective and it can also treat large areas without any discomfort.

All the techniques are approved and proven effective, fast and safe for successful and permanent hair removal.