Disclosure star Demi, admits to having stretch marks

Posted on 29 Sep, 2009

The gorgeous actress, Demi Moore has denied rumours of going under the knife to enhance her beauty. The beautiful actress has now crossed the 46 year mark. However, she still looks as young as before without ageing even a bit.

Demi Moore has expressed her displeasure over the idea of undergoing plastic surgery to appear young. She has also expressed her derision and refusal to undergo a plastic surgery. The ‘Ghost’ star has also refuted claims that she has undergone plastic surgery to appear young.

She is totally against the idea of getting operated on to enhance the natural figure.
Moreover, she is afraid of the idea of entering a surgical room just to have a beauty enhancement.

She does admit that age and childbearing has taken a toll on her looks. She also openly admitted of having excessive skin and stretch marks. A simple stretch removal treatment could have done the trick for Demi though.

She has attributed the appearance of stretch marks to one of the reasons of appearing old.
On being prodded further if she would re-consider her decision of getting operated to look young, she replied in the negative.

This is completely conflicting to the preferences of other celebrities who have undergone surgical treatment to improve their physical appearance.