When the first thread veins appear on your legs or face, a dab of concealer may be all you need to cover them up so that you can face the day with confidence.

For some people, however, it doesn’t stop there, and more thread veins can appear, until it becomes impossible to keep them under wraps. When this happens, it can cause real problems for those concerned.

Thread veins appear when tiny blood vessels beneath the skin remain dilated and full of blood; these show through the surface of the skin as spidery purple, red or blue lines. They can be terribly noticeable, and if you are using make-up to hide them, make sure you go for high concentrations of pigment so you don’t need too many layers for effective coverage.

Alternatively, you could also consider laser thread vein removal. This approach uses the heat from light energy to denature the cells lining the vessel walls, resulting in the collapse of the vein. As it disintegrates and the body removes the debris from the site, the spidery line will fade from view, allowing you to ditch those concealers!