Do you regret your tattoos?

Posted on 29 Dec, 2011

Mary J. Blige, R ‘n’ B artist and singer has recently been quoted as saying that she will not be returning to a tattoo parlour in the future. Rumours had suggested that she would go for another design to be inked following the completion of her latest album.

The singer refuted these claims, however, during a recent red-carpet appearance. In addition to denying wanting to add to her tattoo collection, Mary J. Blige also said that she regrets all seven of the tattoos that she already has.

Tattoo regret is common, particularly amongst people who had them done when they were still relatively young. Our ideas and ideals change over time, and what was important to us at one point may no longer be five years down the line.

Luckily, just as tattoos have become more popular in recent years, laser tattoo removal procedures have become more effective. The Laser Treatment Clinic uses Intense Pulsed Light to heat up the ink particles trapped within the layers of skin.

As they heat up, they begin to disintegrate, allowing the body to remove them from the tattoo site. Over time, and with repeated sessions, the tattoo will fade away, along with any embarrassment or regret!