As many as ten per cent of people in northern Europe are thought to suffer from the skin condition known as rosacea. Despite the fact that rosacea is actually quite common it is not well understood, and many people may suffer from the symptoms for a while before reaching a diagnosis.

Rosacea generally begins as an increased tendency to blush or constant flushing of the face. This is due to the dilation of the tiny blood vessels beneath the surface of the skin. While these symptoms may cause embarrassment, people often attribute them to stress, alcohol or hormonal changes and do not seek further help.

If no rosacea treatment is received, and the condition is not managed, the flushing can become persistent, and thread veins can appear on the face. Spots can also appear which can sometimes cause confusion with the skin condition acne. In severe cases, the skin tissue on and around the nose can start to thicken, resulting in a misshapen and bulbous nose.

This skin condition tends to affect women more than it does men and usually appears at some point during our thirties. If you suspect you may be developing rosacea, consult your doctor.