How many times have we heard that chocolate does not make active acne worse? For years, the consensus seemed to be that as far as our breakouts are concerned, we are NOT what we eat!

Opinions appear to be evolving, however, and it is now thought that certain foods could be having an adverse effect on spots and blemishes.

So, what does this mean for those of us who suffer from acne?

• New opinion concerns what is known as High Glycaemic Index foods such as chocolate, white bread and cereal. Basically, they are processed foods high in refined sugar (check the labels, you may be surprised). Apples are the obvious example of a Low Glycaemic Index food.

• It is thought that if you eat High GI foods, your insulin levels rise, stimulating sebum production (sometimes by as much as 60%). And we all know that more sebum is bad news for acne-prone skin…

• Diets high in refined sugar can also cause levels of proteins that regulate androgen production to fall, resulting in higher androgen levels. If this happens, then (you’ve guessed it) sebum production is boosted.

If you know you have a tendency to eat these types of foods, then why not try substituting them with healthier, low GI alternatives for a few weeks and see what happens?