Does your diet affect your acne?

Posted on 03 Feb, 2012

One question asked by many an acne sufferer is whether what we eat can have a direct effect on the state of our skin. Unfortunately, there has not been enough research to provide a concrete answer to this question.

There are those who have a rather cynical view of this lack of research, claiming that the pharmaceuticals that fund a lot of medical research have no real interest to determine a link between the two, as a healthy diet cannot be sold as a pill.

People in this camp often believe that our processed foods and bad eating habits can have an adverse effect on our skin. Too much refined sugar is thought to result in increased insulin production, which, in turn can result in higher levels of male hormones.

In response to these, the body can produce more sebum, which can result in pores becoming blocked and the appearance of more spots and blemishes. It is thought that foods high in anti-oxidants could have a beneficial effect on active acne, while others such as cows’ milk could aggravate the condition.

Any changes to diet should be thoroughly researched and you should consult your doctor. A healthy diet certainly can’t do your skin any harm, but you must ensure you are getting enough nutrients.