Don’t get depressed about stretch marks

Posted on 13 Apr, 2012

Stretch marks form when the dermal layer of the skin is stretched beyond its elastic capacities. They are most likely to appear during periods of our lives when rapid growth or weight gain occurs: puberty, pregnancy, gaining or losing weight, or weight lifting.

The marks can be worrying when they first start to appear; they can be bright red or purple in colour, as the tear in the dermis means the deeper layers of skin are visible through the epidermis. The lines can also appear to be slightly depressed or indented, making them more visible and difficult to camouflage.

For those people affected by extensive stretch marks, the consequence for their self-esteem can be devastating. They can be responsible for a loss of confidence and place limitations on activities or clothing.

While stretch marks generally fade over time to assume a silvery colour, the natural process may simply not be fast enough for people living with them. This is where stretch mark removal can help. There is no reason to put up with stretch marks until they start to make you feel depressed: a combination of microdermabrasion and laser treatment can restore your confidence and improve the appearance of your skin.