Stretch marks can affect all women during pregnancy and can take time to disappear afterwards if they do at all. They generally appear as red or purple lines, as the dermis becomes stretched beyond its limits, and then fade to a silvery scar.

This week, glamour model and ex ‘I’m a Celebrity’ contestant Nicola McLean was snapped by one of the tabloids in a top that revealed the toll that having two children has had on her body. Wearing a vest that exposed just a bit of her lower abdomen, it was clear to see that the dramatic weight loss following her last pregnancy had left the model with stretched skin and marks.

When the skin has lost its elasticity in this way, it can be very difficult to obtain any improvement in its appearance. Stretch marks, which are essentially scar tissue, have a very little stretch and can have a different skin tone from the surrounding skin.

A combination of microdermabrasion, laser treatment and ultrasound therapy can, however, provide significant improvements and help to restore body confidence. The deep exfoliation removes the afflicted upper layers of the skin and encourages collagen production and regrowth, reducing the appearance of scars.