With more and more people choosing to have numerous tattoos, it is hardly surprising that there are more people experiencing tattoo remorse. The fashion for tattoos has in part been driven by the increasing number of celebrities who have extensive designs inked all over their bodies.

Women, in particular, seem to be much more likely now to have prominent tattoos, following the example set by stars such as Amy Winehouse, Jodie Marsh, Peaches Geldof or Katie Price.

Tattoos are used to honour important people or to reflect a person’s individuality, but people also often decide to have their partner’s name inked onto them to demonstrate their commitment to the relationship.

Unfortunately, many tattoo artists will testify to the fact that a relationship tattoo can often be a substantial risk. Relationships frequently fail, leaving behind a constant reminder of the break-up.

It is advisable to take this into account when choosing a tattoo, and also maybe going for something of more modest size or design that could be more easily adapted. Tattoo removal can be very effective, although the best results are obtained on simple black tattoos, while certain ink colours can prove difficult to fade.

A bit like signing a prenup, you should make sure that you can get out of the tattoo as well as the relationship.