Don’t let acne get you down

Posted on 27 Apr, 2012

The actress Salma Hayek has recently revealed that she suffered from acne during her twenties, to such an extent that she became ‘severely depressed’ and was unable to leave the house. She also blames the acne for her increased tendency at that time to ‘comfort eat’, and her subsequent weight gain.

This will be a familiar story for many people suffering from active acne. The spots can affect the face, chest, shoulders and back making it difficult to conceal the blemishes from the rest of the world. It can be difficult to find medication that works effectively and offers long-lasting results, and in the meantime a sufferer’s mood can plummet.

One of the reasons for spots forming is the presence of bacteria on the surface of the skin. When pores become blocked with sebum and dead skin cells, the bacteria can proliferate, resulting in inflammation and infection.

IPL can effectively eliminate these harmful bacteria by applying highly targeted pulses of light to the affected areas of skin. The light energy also stimulates the skin’s natural healing process, helping the lesions to heal while minimising the risk of scarring.