People who suffer from active acne often dream of the day that they will find an effective treatment to combat their skin condition. Unfortunately, when that day comes, it can often be a disappointment.

Where once there were inflamed and infected spots, acne scarring is often left behind. Although the scarring is not as red and painful as acne lesions, it can be difficult to camouflage. Scars are often sunken, or pitted, due to the tissue damage caused by inflammation and infection. This can make the surface of the skin appear uneven, and can be difficult to hide.

The scars are also usually redder than the surrounding skin. While this is not a pigmentation change as such, the redness has been left behind following inflammation and can take many months or even years to fade.

This can be a disappointing outcome for those who have suffered from acne and have finally managed to get their condition under control. Luckily, there are some forms of treatment that can drastically reduce and improve the appearance of acne scarring, as well as that of the surrounding skin.