Body hair has long since fallen out of fashion, with the trend for smooth and hair-free skin now extending to men as well as women. These days, hair growth on the back, shoulders, stomach and even the chest can be considered excessive, and this can have a detrimental effect on a person’s self-confidence.

Some may avoid playing sport or going to the swimming pool or the beach, simply because they cannot stand the idea that others may judge their appearance. This can have a terribly destructive effect and can limit activities and hobbies.

Rather than letting excessive hair growth control your life, you could get to grips with the problem and move on with your life! This means finding an effective hair removal method, and thinking about the long-term picture: shaving, waxing and other more traditional methods can be time-consuming and need to be done frequently.

Electrolysis offers permanent hair removal, but the treatment targets each hair individually, which can make for a very lengthy and expensive form of treatment if a large area is affected.

Laser hair removal offers a fast, safe and effective form of permanent hair reduction: contact The Laser Treatment Clinic for more information on the best laser hair removal London has to offer.