When you have been through the traumatic experience of living with active acne and desperately trying to get it under control, it can be utterly disheartening to find yourself stuck with scarring once the blemishes have finally gone.

Acne scars are typically indented due to tissue loss; with names like ‘ice pick scars’, it is easy to see why they can be just as hard to live with as the original problem. Acne scars can also often display post-inflammatory redness that can take months or even years to fade away.

Concealing such scars with make-up can be tricky and time-consuming and does not offer a satisfactory solution for many people. There are certain procedures that can help, however:

Microdermabrasion provides safe but deep exfoliation, removing dead and damaged skin cells to reveal new skin below. Microdermabrasion can dramatically improve the texture of the skin’s surface, and when followed with laser treatment which stimulates skin renewal and collagen production, the skin is left visibly brighter, clearer and rejuvenated.

There is no need to struggle to control acne only to find yourself stuck with unwelcome reminders; scar removal can offer the improvement you need to move on.