We all know that the sun is bad for our skin, but a surprising number of us think that the sun over in the U.K. somehow doesn’t count. If you don’t wear an SPF on your face on a daily basis, then you should start now, especially if you suffer from skin conditions like active acne or rosacea.

A common misperception is that the sun is beneficial for skin problems like acne, but it can in fact make matters worse. While we do need some exposure to the sun in order to produce Vitamin D, this only requires a few minutes per day – not all day long.

Too much sunshine can trigger outbreaks of rosacea, causing persistent redness and flushing as well as thread veins, while the heat and sunshine can cause sebum production to increase, making congested pores more likely.

A nice tan may provide temporary camouflage for these kinds of problems, but it will do nothing for the condition of your skin. Rosacea treatment and acne treatment can help to control and manage the symptoms of these skin conditions, but never underestimate the value of protecting your skin from the sun.