The ageing of our skin affects all areas of the body, but while we tend to be very conscious of our face and the impression it gives, there are other areas we are more likely to forget. We don’t often worry about the state of our hands or neck, and yet the skin there is fragile and vulnerable to damage and ageing.

Neck skin is extremely thin and fragile, and can be prone to sagging. While creams and moisturisers can help prevent the onset of loss of elasticity, once it occurs it can be difficult to reverse.

Hands can also be a problem area. They are exposed to harsh conditions every day, and we don’t always take adequate measures to protect them. While they, like the neck, and be affected by the decreasing elasticity of the skin, they are also at risk from developing what are commonly known as ‘age spots’.

In reality, age spots have nothing to do with how old you are. They are a reflection of the damage sustained by the skin from exposure to sunlight. The melanin present in the skin is produced in excess, forming darker patches or spots. Once these spots have appeared, they will not fade without sun damaged skin treatment, which can remove the excess pigments and restore a more youthful appearance to your hands.