Many people suffering from extensive stretch marks find that they are unable to wear certain types of clothing, which makes the spring and summer season particularly difficult. If the situation is difficult to manage, people can find themselves becoming frustrated and even depressed by the state of their skin.

Those in such a situation will usually have tried everything to try and improve the appearance of their stretch marks: lotions and potions may help to keep the skin supple and soft and may reduce itching, but most will not usually be able to reduce the appearance of the stretch marks. One product that may help is Rose E Oil, which has demonstrated powerful healing properties that can help to reduce the appearance of scar tissue.

Failing that, laser stretch mark removal can provide another option; this involves using microdermabrasion to undertake deep exfoliation of the affected areas, removing the damaged superficial layers of skin. A laser is then used to stimulate the healing process and boost collagen production. The best results are obtained early on after the appearance of the stretch marks and can offer real freedom from this common affliction.