Don’t live with unwanted hair

Posted on 26 Sep, 2011

Do you remember that photo of Julia Roberts at the Notting Hill première in 1999? The one that caused a national uproar and endless debate about women’s body hair? Yes, the one showing her with unshaven armpits.

Well, over ten years later, body hair fashions have changed very little, with common consensus still preferring hairless bodies. The practice has even spread to men, with more men opting for hair removal even if their body hair is not excessive.

There are few areas of the body that are exempt from hair removal, apart from head hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. Everything from there down is a candidate for removal – Kim Kardashian has been quoted as saying that she even used to wax her forehead.

But all this hair removal takes time and effort. Shaving is a nightmare: it may be quick and it may be cheap, but think of all the pitfalls. It needs doing every day if you are to avoid the stubbly look (not good on legs), and there’s always the risk of taking a slice out of yourself (which doesn’t look good either).

The cream is messy and smelly and can cause allergic reactions. It’s time-consuming and doesn’t last that much longer than shaving. As for waxing and epilating, they last much longer but hurt like hell. There’s also a regrowth period carrying a risk of it all going wrong with an increased likelihood of ingrowing hairs…

So, if you are not ready to take a stand and go ‘au naturel’, then save time and appearances by going for the more permanent laser option. Contact The Laser Treatment Clinic for the best laser hair removal London can offer.