Effective removal of stretch marks by laser treatment

Posted on 02 Feb, 2010

Laser stretch mark removal is totally effective and it is a widely recommended treatment. It can eradicate old and new stretch marks, leaving your skin looking smooth and feeling soft.

The process:
The area affected by stretch marks is treated with a special beam of light. This light targets the stretch marks and slowly disintegrates that skin by promoting new growth underneath the layer of scarred skin. The new growth will be plump and soft, and will not be scarred. The stretch marks will come away from the skin gradually, and the treatment is permanent; your stretch marks will not grow back.
The length of treatment depends on age and depth of stretch marks. Some people notice an immediate difference, whereas others may not see any changes until their third or fourth session.

Immediately after the treatment, you may notice some reddening of the affected area or small spots of blood. This is normal. They may scab but should disappear within a week. Complete healing can take anything between a day or two to a week, depending on your immune system, and general health.
Always remember to consult your skin specialist before agreeing to undergo laser treatment surgery. He/She will design a treatment plan based on your particular skin type and stretch marks.