Effective tattoo removal

Posted on 22 Aug, 2011

A Scottish skin care company has been warned by the Advertising Standards Agency to stop promoting a cream product they claimed could remove tattoos as effectively as laser tattoo removal. Laser therapy is used to cause the ink pigment in the skin to break up into tiny particles, which then means the body is able to absorb and disperse the fragments, causing a tattoo to fade away. This company claimed that their product acted in the same way as a laser, without the scientific evidence to back this up.

Although there are some creams on the market that claim to remove tattoos, results tend to vary widely and consumers should be extremely careful and attentive to the chemicals present in these products and check with a doctor before using them.

Laser treatment is not only effective at removing tattoos, but also does it in such a way that the tissue surrounding the ink is not damaged. Inflammation and tenderness is a common reaction to the treatment, but it is temporary and the discomfort can be managed.

It may be tempting to choose a cheaper option when considering the removal of a tattoo. You should always consult an expert, however.