Laser technology has reached impressive heights since its inception. We are aware of its effects on the lighter skin tones. Nowadays everyone can achieve perfect skin. Dark skinned people too sometimes require the help of a laser procedure to rid themselves of certain skin deformities

How does it work?

Every skin tone reacts differently to laser treatments. The darker skin tones face more difficulty when it comes to laser treatments. The laser process requires the removal of the layer of skin of the effected area. This in turn leaves the skin in a vulnerable state. The use of the skin resurfacing technique ensures that the skin discolouration that takes place is corrected. The patients may need some medication to ease the pain and will need to put some ice on it to reduce the swelling.

The after effects

As the skin is darker, the laser beam absorbs more light and heat which may cause a burning sensation. This however is only a temporary feeling and can be suppressed with medication.

There may also be slight blistering when it comes to darker tones. This however is very rare and can be cured within a few days. The laser treatment is a very effective procedure to rid your skin from any scars. The entire process requires extra care and the after care advised by the doctor should be taken seriously.

Laser treatments should always be performed by experienced doctors to yield positive results. People with darker skin tones need not worry as the laser treatment is a solution to their skin problems as well.