Eighteenth century medical journal recommends wine to treat acne.

Posted on 30 Sep, 2011

An antiques enthusiast from Derbyshire made an interesting purchase from a car boot sale in July this year: a medical journal dating back to 1767. The handwritten tome contains entries that began in 1767 and were then added to over the years. While this is a fascinating discovery, it should also make us grateful for medical advances!

The book advises a mixture of wine, sulphur and cardamom to combat a ‘pimply face’ and suggests that eating rhubarb can also help to combat volatile skin conditions. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to suggest that a miracle cure has been discovered for those suffering from acne. Indeed, nowadays we tend to think that alcohol can aggravate acne rather than help to cure it.

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So, before you try drinking your acne away, go for more high-tech approach – it’s safer for your skin and your liver!