Active acne can have a terribly negative impact on a person’s self-confidence as well as their skin. We generally associate the skin condition with adolescence; however, it would appear that it is persisting into adulthood more and more. Some people are even developing the condition in their twenties or later.

Acne is caused by a combination of factors. Hormonal changes can cause pores to become enlarged and an increase in the production of sebum. These factors, combined with an inefficient shedding of dead skin cells, can provide the ideal environment for bacteria, present on the skin, to flourish.

If the pores become blocked by the sebum and skin cells, the bacteria can cause inflammation and infection, resulting in pus-filled spots. Eliminating these bacteria reduces the likelihood of red and painful lesions from forming.

If you suffer from acne, you should always avoid touching the affected area in order to avoid the spread of bacteria. Make sure that any make-up applicators are washed regularly, as they, too can be a source of harmful bacteria.

Finally, if you are struggling to control your active acne, consider trying IPL. The treatment works by eliminating the bacteria present on the skin’s surface, allowing lesions to heal and resolve without inflammation or infection.