Stretch marks represent a major cosmetic issue that many people, very often women, have to deal with during their lifetimes. The marks generally appear as white or pink streaks of scar tissue. They are also known as ‘striae gravidarum’ due to the frequency with which they appear as a result of pregnancy. Stretch marks most commonly occur on the stomach, breasts, thighs and hips.

Most treatments for stretch marks are relatively ineffective. Laser stretch mark removal treatment, however, can remove the scar tissue entirely.

When the stretch marks initially appear, their colour ranges from deep pink to red and even maroon colour. Ultimately, these stretch marks fade to a whitish colour. This is when they are most difficult to remove. The right time to treat them is when they initially appear and have a pink colouration.

For the laser stretch mark removal procedure to work completely, you have to expect to give it time. It requires more than one session to fully eradicate the scar tissue and encourage collagen and new skin growth in the area. If you want to eliminate your stretch marks effectively, opting for laser stretch mark removal treatment is your best option.