Eliminating your tattoo with laser tattoo removal

Posted on 26 Mar, 2010

Whilst many people opt to get a tattoo, some of them later regret it, and want it removed. It used to be near impossible to eliminate the tattoos; but now with the help of laser tattoo removal it is incredibly easy. The laser tattoo removal procedure works by focusing a laser light on the tattoo to break down the pigment.

Though all colours can be eliminated with the laser tattoo removal process, it is very effective with black ink.

The cost of the laser tattoo removal procedure will however, depend upon the type and size of the area that is to be treated. As you will know, removing a small and simple tattoo is much faster.

When you go for a consultation at a laser treatment centre, you can get an estimation of the cost and number of sessions that may be needed to completely eliminate the tattoo.

Prior to the treatment, a quick test will be done to see how sensitive your skin is to the laser.

During the treatment, a laser will be placed near the tattoo and then the laser will be activated. You will be able to feel the pulses of laser against your skin when the tattoo removal procedure starts.

After the procedure is complete, an ice pack will be used on the treated area and it may then be covered with a bandage to avoid sun damage and infection.

So, if you are looking forward for the best way of eliminating a tattoo, laser tattoo removal is the best option.