Scars come in all shapes and sizes and are formed when the skin is damaged by an accident, inflammation, injury or surgery. While some people do not find their scars problematic, others can find that their scars are an unwelcome reminder or prevent them from facing the world with confidence.

Specialised make-up can help to camouflage scar tissue, and with the right application techniques, it can provide an effective way to hide the damaged skin. Products are available for skin on both the face and the body, and providing that the colour is a good match, scars can be effectively hidden from view.

For those looking for a more permanent solution, however, scar removal may be the best bet. This involves a deep exfoliation in order to remove the damaged and dead skin cells of the upper most layers of skin. This process reveals the new skin beneath, and is followed by the application of a laser in order to stimulate the production of collagen and new skin cells.

Treatment is fast and causes relatively little discomfort. Improvement can often be seen even after the first session, with results becoming more evident as the treatment continues.