Erasing unwanted body art with laser tattoo removal

Posted on 16 Apr, 2010

Body art is very popular among people of all ages. Many choose to experiment with this form of art as means of self expression. However, after a time the tattoos that some people choose become outdated and no longer their personalities. Rather than living with an unwanted tattoo, if you are certain that you wish to have it removed you can opt for laser tattoo removal therapy.

Permanent tattoos are made by puncturing the upper epidermal layers of skin and injecting it with tattoo ink. The tattoo removal requires the skin cells that have been coloured to be broken down and removed.

Laser tattoo removal is the most popular method for permanently erasing tattoos. This treatment is performed under strict medical supervision by dermatologists using lasers. Lasers produce beams of amplified light waves which are repeatedly used on the skin to break the ink-clad skin cells to eradicate them. New skin tissue grows in place of the cells that are removed.

Laser tattoo removal treatment takes several sessions to complete, depending upon the size, age and colour of the tattoos. The larger the tattoos, the more removal sessions will be required for completion. Visit a reputable laser clinic to get rid of your outdated tattoos.