Everything You Need to Know About Thread Vein Removal

Posted on 04 May, 2017

With the warmer weather fast approaching you will no doubt be looking forward to shedding the winter woollies and thick tights in favour of lighter clothing and hopefully showing off nicely tanned legs.

But what if you have thread veins? These can look unsightly; ruining any hopes of showing off your bare legs and can be distressing for many. Even worse, they can sometimes appear on the face.

What Are Thread Veins?

Thread veins are tiny, purplish veins that appear just under the surface of the skin and look like wiggly lines. They can be caused by any number of things from hormonal changes to prolonged standing or smoking. They can even be hereditary and unfortunately the chances of them developing increases with age. The good news is that they can be safely removed with help from The Laser Treatment Clinic.

How Does Laser Treatment Help With Thread Vein Removal?

Following an initial consultation, laser treatment is the first port of call in most cases and is a very effective thread vein removal treatment. It uses short pulses of light to heat and break up those smaller blood vessels that are just under the surface of the skin. There are different strengths of lasers for different types of vessels, for example, those that sit a little deeper under the skin. Depending on the number and severity of thread veins you may need more than one treatment session of thread vein removal.

Is Laser Treatment Painful?

In most cases no. But this does depend on the individuals pain fresh-hold. Although laser treatment uses very brief pulses of heat to break up the thread veins you won’t feel any burning or any pain. The skin which surrounds the area where the thread veins are situated is not touched at all by the laser. It is said that the only sensation felt during laser treatment is one of a very slight pinch similar to the feeling you get when a rubber band is flicked against your skin. If you are at all worried your laser treatment practitioner can discuss the possibility of administering a local anaesthetic cream if you wish.

How Successful Is Laser Treatment?

In most cases, the success rate is very high, especially with facial thread veins. When veins are particularly deep or around the ankle it may not be possible to remove every one of them but the treatment commonly has a success rate of around 90%. Complications and side effects are rare.

With the latest cutting edge laser treatments and expert advice, you’ll soon be able to face the sunny weather with renewed confidence. Why not get in touch to book your appointment to see how we could help you with thread vein removal treatment?