There are many things that people regret doing in their lives. But while many can be easily righted or forgotten, there are those that can leave permanent marks on people. This is literal in the case of tattoos. For some, a tattoo is something that suits them in their youth, but which they feel is unsuitable as they get older.

In the past, an ill-advised tattoo would be there for life, but nowadays people do not have to live with these permanent marks due to the introduction of laser tattoo removal. This is one of the latest laser treatments that use cutting edge technology for great results. While laser tattoo removal is an effective way to get rid of tattoos, it is important to understand that it can take a while for it to disappear completely. This is because there are certain factors on which the surgery depends.

• The first factor is the age of the tattoo. Older tattoos can be removed faster than newer ones. This is generally because the ink from old tattoos fades due to exposure, so breaking it down becomes easy.

• Another factor that can determine how long the tattoo removal procedure will take is the colour of the ink. Black tattoos are easier to remove compared to coloured ones. Also shaded tattoos are easier to remove than those filled with thicker ink.

• The size of the tattoo plays an obvious role in how long it will take for the tattoo removal treatment to be effective.

Laser tattoo removal can provide good results whether it takes a few weeks or months to complete, leaving the skin clean and clear.