Facts concerning tattoo removal procedures

Posted on 21 Feb, 2010

If you are unhappy with a piece of body art or feel that you ought to have it removed for professional or personal reasons, it is advisable that you opt for laser tattoo removal to get the best results from the removal. However, you should understand certain facts pertaining to the laser tattoo removal procedure first.

The procedure is conducted via the use of an Excimer laser, which is a recent development in this particular technological field. The laser targets the affected area and destroys the colour pigment. The ink from the tattoo is then broken down into small particles. The procedure is perfectly safe, although it can have minor side-effects such as redness, swelling or even blistering. All of these are temporary.

The procedure is comparatively expensive when sized up against traditional methods of tattoo removal, and the price of the method depends upon the number of sessions you will need to undergo. Darker colours respond better to the laser tattoo removal procedure, needing fewer sessions to complete. Clearly, larger tattoos take a longer time to remove.

The cost of the procedure reflects its success at removing the tattoo completely with minimal side-effects, something traditional methods cannot quite compete with.