Facts of acne scar reduction through lasers

Posted on 31 Jan, 2011

Acne scars and blemishes can be stressful and affect your ego. Most of the time scars disappear on their own, however sometimes a severe bout of acne can lead to long term scarring. This is when individuals look for treatments to rid them of scars.

There are various methods of curing acne scars. Individuals have tried using creams. These can have reactions on the skin. Dermabrasion is another method of scar removal, but this is generally painful. Cosmetologists have derived a new technique which is popular and requires a shorter period of treatment. Laser treatment is a new method of curing acne scars.

The procedure of laser treatment

A laser gets rid of acne scars by casting a high intensity light beam onto the damaged skin. The principle is similar to dermabrasion. The infected skin is completely taken off. Slowly the body grows fresh skin tissue which fills up the scarred area. The procedure takes around an hour to be completed but the recovery period differs from days to months.

Popularity of laser treatments

This laser treatment saw popularity in the cosmetic world because of its high rate of effectiveness in curing scars. Laser treatment is a good option for those prone to reactions with antibiotic creams and tablets. They are also useful for patients who want a quick fix solution to removing scars.


Lasers target the infected spot and do not harm other tissues of the skin. The laser can also be used in variation depending on skin type. A mild laser can be used for sensitive skin and vice versa. Since the procedure is short, patients can get relief much faster.