Many women get stretch marks on their thighs, breasts, pelvic area and bottom. The primary cause for stretch marks is the rapid gain or loss of weight and pregnancy is a perfect example of this. The tissue underneath the skin is pulled due to the rapid stretching of the surrounding skin, as a result, stretch marks are caused, which are difficult to get rid of. Laser treatment is a very effective option to eradicate stretch marks.

Why do stretch marks appear?

Stretch marks appear when the level of Glucocorticoid increases in the bloodstream. The adrenal glands secrete this hormone during pregnancy, weight loss, obesity, and weight lifting. Vergetures and Linea Alicante are medical terms used for stretch marks. It can be embarrassing if you have stretch marks. The skin can look unsightly which can cause emotional distress.

Laser treatment for stretch marks

Laser therapy stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, making the skin under the stretch marks thicker. Laser therapy causes connective tissue to divide. This does not remove the stretch marks but reduces the appearance.

The laser targets the affected area on the skin and discharges pulses on it. The laser may sting slightly but no anaesthetic is required because the pain is very minimal.

Doctors consider laser therapy to have no side effects, but it must be done by professionals. The intensity of laser used depends upon the severity of the stretch marks and sometimes multiple sessions are required.

Is laser therapy effective?

When a patient has laser therapy, improvements can be seen within six months. Laser therapy is also effective on older stretch marks that have already faded.

Stretch marks can cause low self-esteem, so get rid of them with laser treatment as soon as possible.