FAQs related to the laser acne removal treatment

Posted on 06 Dec, 2010

At present, many teenagers all around the world are facing acne problems. If you want to remove acne from your face then undergo laser treatment. This is because it provides positive results within just a few sessions. If you have decided to go for laser acne removal treatment then consult a doctor. He/she will advise you about the treatment. Here are some facts you should know about laser acne treatment:

How long it takes to remove acne

Although laser treatment is known for being the quickest acne removal method, you have to attend several sessions to get rid of acne and acne scars. The time taken to remove acne depends on the size of the area which needs to be treated. Even the depth of scars affects the removal treatment.

How lasers can remove acne scars

During the laser treatment, the doctor uses a device which emits lasers on the acne affected area. The advanced lasers burn the upper skin layers which contain scars. Once the area is healed then the new and fresh skin is developed.

What to do after laser acne removal treatment

After your laser treatment is completed, you have to take special care of the treated skin to achieve desired results. It is recommended to cover the treated skin and protect it from direct sunlight. This is important because it may affect the results. You are also required to apply the appropriate ointments or medicines as subscribed by your doctor.