Tattoos are one of the most popular modes used by celebrities to express themselves.

Many celebrities have engraved the name of their respective spouses to commemorate their love. But the painful process of getting a tattoo often resulted in severe pain and humiliation for them at a later date. Yes, you have guessed right. The embarrassment was caused due to a change in partner.

The celebrities could not keep the same tattoo. What followed next was a trip to the clinic for tattoo removal.

Angelina Jolie is surely one of the most inked actresses and she has many tattoos. However, there are also many other celebrities who have got themselves tattooed only to repent at a later stage. Relationships do not last long in the fickle world of celebrity and a change in partner results in a change or removal of tattoos.

Charlie Sheen, the former husband of Denise Richards, professed his love for Denise with an inked impression of her name. Denise too decided to get a tattoo done with his name. However, she removed her famous tattoo and got it replaced by a pretty angel after the end of the relationship.

Britney Spears can be touted as an advocate of the tattoo removal process too. Britney removed her tattoo after making a cameo appearance as a receptionist at a tattoo removal clinic on the famous sitcom ‘How I Met Your Mother.’

Tommy Lee also underwent a tattoo removal treatment, removing his famous swastika from his body. These tattoos can be removed easily with the help of laser treatment. Laser tattoo removal is a fast and effective method.