Former prisoner seeks laser tattoo removal for forehead inkings

Posted on 24 Jul, 2011

An ex-convict from New Zealand is reportedly seeking laser treatment for an ill-advised tattoo he had done on his forehead whilst he was in prison.

28-year-old Carl Nathanial Drewitt, a former white supremacist, made the decision to get the word ‘skinhead’ tattooed on his forehead whilst he was in jail five years ago. He now wants to get it removed so that he can start a new life without fear that people will judge him. He told the New Zealand Herald:

“I didn’t really take into consideration how the community was going to look at me when I got out. That was irrelevant, that wasn’t my life, prison was my life,”

“Once this tattoo is off, many doors will open. I won’t be judged as some dodgy loser criminal. In terms of employment it would help a lot,”

The only problem for Drewitt, who is keen to study business on his release from prison, is that he cannot afford the cost of the laser tattoo removal treatment. Due to the size of the tattoo – it covers his whole forehead – the treatment will be much more expensive than the normal cost of removing tattoos.