Frasier star gets first tattoo at nearly 60

Posted on 20 Apr, 2012

The star of American sitcom star Kelsey Grammer has just had his first tattoo done at the age of fifty-seven, and it would seem that he has decided to take a risk by getting the name of his wife tattooed on his waistband.

This may not be particularly unusual: the trend for getting a partner’s name inked onto a body part has become more pronounced in the last few years, with many celebrities doing the same. What is slightly surprising is the fact that this also seems to be one of the biggest reasons for tattoo regret. Many relationships fail, and the tattoos that were once a source of pride become a cause for embarrassment. Seeing as the actor is now onto his fourth wife, this may seem like a risky decision!

For those who find themselves with unwanted reminders of failed relationships, there are only really two options:

1. A cover-up
This involves getting another tattoo inked over the top of the first one. This can provide a satisfactory solution if getting a larger, different tattoo is not likely to cause further tattoo regret down the line.

2. Tattoo removal
Laser tattoo removal causes tattoos to fade away over the course of treatment, by breaking the ink pigments down into small fragments the body is able to remove.