Birthmarks can appear anywhere on the body, either before or shortly after birth. While some may be on an area of the body that is easier to hide, others may be large and highly visible. Port wine stains can cover half the face or more, and their deep red appearance makes them very difficult to conceal.

Birthmarks are, for the most part, harmless. The damage they do to an individual are more likely to be psychological. Children with noticeable birthmarks may suffer from the remarks and curiosity of others around them. There is a danger that such individuals will become withdrawn, and that people’s reactions to them could destroy their developing self-confidence.

Make-up can help to camouflage such marks, although while this can help a person create a public face, it can also make him or her feel like he or she needs to hide his or her ‘real’ face behind a socially acceptable mask.

Another alternative is to take a look at laser birthmark removal. This involves using Advanced Intense Pulsed Light to cause the birthmark to fade away. It is effective for use on both pigmented birthmarks (café au lait spots) and red birthmarks such as the port wine stain. The procedure is non-invasive, and can transform how an individual feels about his or herself, as well as his or her lifestyle.